IPM of ANAS is the large scientific center in the filed of chemistry, physics and technology of high-molecular compounds.
The Institute was founded in 1966. Director of the Institute – the Academician of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Chemistry, Professor Akif Hamid oglu Azizov.
3 corresponding members of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, 14 doctors of sciences and 39 candidates of sciences work at the Institute. Number of employees is – 253.
The Institute is situated in a beautiful 4-store building with more than 200 rooms on the Caspian shore in Sumgait (35 km from Baku).
The fundamental and applied works on creation of functional oligomers and polymers and polymer composition materials are carried out at the Institute. The problems of protection of environment and chemical ecology are solved. By scientists of the institute scientific bases of preparation of new composition materials are developed, functional monomers, including with given spatial structure, and polymers using in science intensive fields as resists, semiconductors, antioxidants, etc are created. The filled composition materials, polymer-polymer and polymer-oligomer mixtures are developed, new active additions to polymers – plasticizers, stabilizers, modifiers, antipyrenes, etc are created.
There are all necessary devices and equipment for carrying out of corresponding investigations and tests.
The Institute maintains scientific contacts with a number of scientific-research institutions, higher educational establishments and industrial enterprises of the republic, Moscow, Sankt-Peterburg, Kiev, Minsk and other republics and also scientific centers of leading foreign countries.
At the Institute the problems of wastes utilization, estimation of degree of pollution of soil, air and water basins, control of emission of noxious gases to atmosphere, analysis of ecological situation in the region, certification of polymer compounds and additives to them are solved.



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